Sign Up with IDR 100,000

Sign Up 100 Ribu program is one aspect of Syailendra Capital’s commitment to support the Indonesian Financial Service Authority (OJK), with aims to grow the financial industry and capital market. The program is designed to encourage people to start investing in mutual funds with a minimum initial investment of just IDR 100,0000.

We have 5 products available for you with a minimum subscription / redemption of IDR 100,000 :

  1. Syailendra Equity Opportunity Fund (SEOF) – Reksa Dana Saham
  2. Syailendra Balanced Opportunity Fund (SBOF) – Reksa Dana Campuran
  3. Syailendra Fixed Income Fund (SFIF) – Reksa Dana Pendapatan Tetap
  4. Syailendra Midcap Alpha Fund (SMAF) – Reksa Dana Saham
  5. Syailendra Dana Kas (SDK) – Reksa Dana Pasar Uang

For further information, please contact our Marketing Retail or Customer Service personnel at (021) 514 00 888, or email

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  1. Complete and sign the Subscription form & FPR (Account Opening Form), and Investor Profile Form (for first time purchase), then transfer the funds to the mutual fund account at the Custodian Bank. Minimum purchase (Subscription) Rp. 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah) .
  2. Fax the copy of Subscription form, the AUTHENTIC Account Opening Form, proof of transfer & copy of identity and submit the AUTHENTIC subscription form, copy of proof of transfer & copy of identity to Syailendra Capital
  3. Confirmation of Subscription Unit of Mutual Fund transaction
  4. Proof of Mutual Fund Owner Unit submitted to the Mutual Fund Holder Unit T+7 Exchange Day
  5. The Funds must be received (in good funds) on the account of Mutual Fund in Purchase Date.


  1. Complete & sign the Resale Form (Redemption form), Minimum Resale (Redemption) Rp. 100.000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah).
  2. Submit the AUTHENTIC Redemption form and other supporting documents to Syailendra Capital
  3. If the AUTHENTIC form and other supporting documents are complete and clear and received before 13.00 noon (WIB), will be processed by the Custodian Bank with the net asset value mutual funds on the same day
  4. Redemption Proceeds (redemption) can only be transferred to the bank account of your own name. the funds will be received no later than 7 exchange days from the date of Redemption .

* Redemption that is conducted on the 30th every month will be exempted from the Redemption fee.

Meanwhile if conducted out on 30th, it will cost 2% which will be invested back to the mutual fund.

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